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Like so many of us, you have probably experienced the frustration of trying to find an application in your Start menu which is piled full of a multitude of programs. Most likely you are using the desktop and Quick Launch bar to create shortcuts for launching programs easily, so you don't have to open the cluttered Start menu. If this is your situation, you've come to the right place.

We have designed a small utility called Handy Start Menu that enhances the standard menu and eliminates its inconveniences. This utility makes the menu so convenient that you will no longer have to create piles of shortcuts on the desktop, create complex panels in the Quick Launch bar, or spend extra time browsing through long lists trying to find that application you didn't add to your desktop or Quick Launch bar.

The first thing you'll see after installing Handy Start Menu is a short menu with a list of programs grouped by categories (utilities, office programs, graphic editors, etc.). Handy Start Menu groups applications automatically making it much easier to find a program in a list of 5-7 items rather than browsing through a long list with dozens of items. Grouping can help you find and run applications much more quickly than before.

To start applications from Handy Start Menu, you only need to click on the folder with the name of a program. Handy Start Menu will automatically find the shortcut and run that application. You will no longer have to open all the subfolders and look for a shortcut that starts an application, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Download (9.25 Mb)


Current version: 1.98

Size: 9.25 Mb

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

File: Download


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